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Canopus Platinum

Product Description

Canopus Platinum (2m x 15m x 2mm)

Canopus Platinum is an anti-slip fully flexible vinyl floor covering 2.00 mm thick with silicon carbide crystals and coloured chips for a decorative design with R11 slip resistant properties. The product has a 1.00 mm wear layer and is reinforced with a glass fibre grid for extra dimensional stability.

The SureClean surface treatment replaces wax and polish after installation without reducing the anti-slip properties of the flooring and providing a high level of dirt resistance and ease of maintenance.
Canopus Platinum is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, complies with the EN 649 (34 / 43) and has a group T wear rating.

Canopus Platinum is suitable for transport applications such as buses, trains, ships and airplanes. It is also applicable for non-slip performance in commercial and industrial areas. It is the ideal solution for heavy traffic applications where enhanced slip resistance, aesthetic beauty and easy maintenance are required.

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